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Just came back from my trip...dead tired!
It kinda feels weird to be back in a way...and all the cleaning i have to do!?! GAhhhhhhhh.....
Anyway, I am home! Tadaima!....

A New Start

Why now? Why am I doing this now?

This is a question that is lingering in my head.

A short and simple answer: Procrastination *shit*

"There is always a price to pay for procrastination"


My Latest Discovery

Hahaha!Hey everyone!How are all of you?I'm feeling really bored these days cos there is nothing for me to do!!!Anyway,i want to tell all of you my latest discovery.....hahaha....Nothing much actually....Ermmm,the first thing is "I'M SO HAPPY THAT MALAYSIA WON THE GOLD IN DOHA FOR MEN'S DOUBLES!!!!"I realize that i actually care about our national team instead of the chinese team.....Hhehe...the second thing is "I REALIZE THAT HYUN IL WEARS AN EARRING"...Do all korean guys wear earring?The third thing hahaha....."I REALIZE THAT I LIKE PARK TAE HWAN,A SWIMMER FOR THE KOREAN TEAM".He broke two asian record!!!!so cool!Ermmm.....the fourth thing is "I FOUND OUT THAT JIA WEN'S FAV LIU XIANG BIRTHDAY IS ONE DAY BEFORE MINE!!!!"hahahaha.....Ok,lastly.......A few minutes ago "I FOUND OUT THAT HEY TING'S FAV SE7EN AND JIA'S FAV,LIU XIANG WITH ANOTHER GUY NAMED ANSON HU WORKED TOGETHER AND SANG A SONG BEFORE".....hehehe......These are my latest discovery,kinda stupid but to me it's funny.Anyway,hope all of you will enjoy your holidays.....Take care......

Tata.....i will miss all of you!

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March 2010

Never Ending Life Lessons

"We have no say over the hand dealt us in life, but we do have a lot of control over how this hand is played. We are responsible for bringing out the meaning of our own lives in each moment that we live. Remember each moment happens only once and can never be retrieved again." -Roberta Andersen


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